Weekly training recap: Mon 18th July – Sun 24th July 2016

I told you I’d get my 3 runs in this week didn’t I? and I was right! I did! All were as written in the training schedule minus .25 of a mile which I will explain later. The best part about this weeks run’s was I had my training buddy back! Yippeee!! Gideon is finally good to run again after his surgery! He joined me for two of my runs this week and I was very mean and pushed him hard and made him do all the hilly routes. He smashed them of course! It’s like 8 weeks off hasn’t affected him at all, he still speeds ahead of me!

So under each of the run recaps this week I’m going to do something slightly different. I’m going to screen shot the elevation and pacing data from my Garmin for you. I’ll explain why at the end but I’ve found it interesting to look at this week!


Went for a short walk with Gideon in the sunshine (for ice cream). Maybe 1 – 1.5 miles.

I have no shame people!!


Walked 3.45 miles (again, for ice cream). I took my Garmin with me for this one so I knew how far.



Rest day.


Gideon and I ran 1.25 miles. Average pace: 11:57 per mile.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 19.06.42


Rest day – I went for a short walk around the marina and read my book on the beach as I had no uni work to do. Perfect!



I ran 1 mile. I was going to run 1.25 miles but after I’d started running I realised I hadn’t taken my inhaler beforehand and I also didn’t have it on me! Silly silly me! I normally always put it in my running belt but I was in a rush and forgot. Anyway, sure enough, I started to wheeze quite quickly. It’s amazing what my inhaler does to help me breathe whilst running! It got to a mile and I decided to call it quits and walk back up the hill to home. The aim was to run it, but with already feeling wheezy I didn’t want to overdo it on a hill and potentially cause an asthma attack (consequently this run wasnt very hilly). Average pace was 11:42 per mile.

Saturday run

We both walked 3 miles along the Gower coast.


Gideon and I ran 2.00 miles. Average pace: 11:48 per mile.

Sunday run

So, last week I said that I thought I was pacing myself really well on these runs. I struggled to pace myself during the last lot of training but this time around I’ve been ending up with an average pace of around 11.30-12:00 per mile. I figured that I was pacing pretty consistently for that to happen, but the Garmin data looks all over the place (especially Wednesdays). When I do run walk intervals it looks like spikes – peaks and troughs. I was expecting running constantly to make it come out looking smooth, but it’s still all peaky and weird! Aside from a few brief stops for traffic etc I haven’t stopped to walk at all.

I would expect my pace to slow a bit on hills and speed up a bit on downward slopes, but it doesn’t even really seem to correspond with the elevation. It’s just super random! I don’t tend to look at my watch and consciously slow down or speed up either. Anyway, I don’t really know where I’m going with this,  I’m not particularly bothered by it, I just found it quite interesting to look at!

I’ve also noticed that what I class as ‘hills’ dont look like hills on a Garmin elevation chart. BUT THEY ARE PEOPLE!! I SWEAR IT!! COME AND RUN IT IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME LOL!

I’m still really enjoying running at the moment which I still think is down to doing shorter distances. I feel like my training is going well so far and I haven’t gone back to dreading running or finding it a chore which I’m really glad about! Long may it continue!




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