Uh oh I’ve joined the Gym!

That’s right people, I am now a gym member! I have never before been a gym member, but the British summer has taken its toll and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that the only option if I want to avoid running in the rain (or the heat for that matter) is to give myself unlimited access to a treadmill!

That wasn’t the only reason of course. For a while now my running mojo has been dwindling. I’ve been finding it hard to keep motivated and getting bored with just running constantly. Gideon and I decided it was time to mix things up a bit.


We have joined active Swansea, which gives us access to all of Swansea’s council owned leisure centre facilities. This includes swimming, gym, exercise classes and hire of racket ball courts like squash and badminton. We can use any of Swansea’s leisure centres, two of which are within 5 minutes drive of our house. I’m looking forward to taking some exercise classes (Kettlebell, Zumba and step aerobics) and Gideon is hoping that use of the swimming pool and the gym will help him on his way to becoming a triathlete (which is his new goal alongside running a marathon).

We had a comprehensive tour of the facilities at our closest leisure centre tonight and I was very impressed. All the equipment is very up to date. The treadmills have a built-in console where you can watch TV, surf the internet, listen to music, or even set it up to run a ‘virtual’ route in a different country! Fancy stuff that should help against boredom. The instructor also showed us how to set up interval training on the treadmill which I think might be really beneficial for increasing speed. You can programme your low speed and high speed into the machine and then all you have to do when you want to change from low to high or vice versa is press a button.

I’ve always hated the idea of paying to exercise, but actually its a really reasonable price for the stuff you get (we got a discount for signing up together) and we can always cancel it if we aren’t using it enough. Generally though, even one swim or one class a week will justify the monthly cost.

Never fear though, I’m not going to stop running or just turn into a treadmill runner! I love running outside (and I find it easier) and that’s not going to change. I’m just hoping the gym will inject a little more variety into my week and hopefully improve my all round fitness, which can only be beneficial for my running!

Are you a member of the gym? Do you think it’s worthwhile? What classes do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!


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