A fly in the eye.

I’ve been feeling pretty lethargic so far this week, so I didn’t managed to drag my butt out to run until today. However I decided this morning that it had to happen today if I was going to stand a chance of getting my three runs in this week. Thankfully I was feeling a bit more chirpy anyway.

I have just returned from said run! It was an interesting one thats for sure! I changed into my running gear as soon as I got in from work so I wouldn’t end up sitting down and not getting back up again. I then decided that it might be nice to run with music for once. I don’t normally bother, either because I’m running with Gideon so we just talk to each other or because the headphones tend to fall out of my ears and cause me endless annoyance. Today I decided it might be nice though to have a beat to run too, so I downloaded the ‘popiest’ album I could find from iTunes (Now 94 in case you were wondering – when did they get to 94?? I think the last one I brought was probably about 40) and then I got on my way.

All was going quite well to begin with. My pace was a little fast to start, likely because it was an upbeat tune and I was just bouncing along to the rhythm. I soon settled in though and for once my headphones were staying in my ears so I was quite enjoying myself.

Then a fly flew in my eye. A BIG FLY. Now I wear glasses, which ordinarily should offer some kind of protection from bugs, but this one managed to get UNDER MY GLASSES!!!! ?!?!?!?!? Anyway, I pulled up abruptly and began attacking my eye profusely to get it out. Of course this meant I stopped running which was annoying because I was trying to do the whole run without any walking! I did end up walking, whilst poking myself in the eye, but probably for no more than 30 seconds. Having removed my glasses to poke myself in the eye I then promptly stepped in a pile of dog poop. LOVELY. JUST LOVELY!!!!

Anyway, eventually I managed to dislodge fly from eye and got running again. I completed my 1.5 miles in 17 minutes and 23 seconds with an average pace of 11:36 per mile. Not bad considering my little ‘break’. An interesting run for sure!!!


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