Weekly training recap: Mon 1st – Sun 7th August 2016

A lighter week than originally planned this week. I’d been feeling lethargic at the start of the week so we didn’t start running until quite late into it. Because we didn’t get much training in last week either we kept what we did this week light. Gideon was starting to feel it by today, having only just returned from his 8 week surgery hiatus, so I think it was the right decision, no point jumping back into things to quickly and injuring yourself, especially because the 10k is still a way away so no need to panic.


Rest day


Rest day


Gideon ran 1.00 mile. He didn’t time it so doesn’t know how fast he went. I had a rest day.


I ran 1.5 miles with an average pace of 11:37 per mile. I blogged about the fly that flew into my eye earlier in the week. You can spot the exact moment it happened on my Garmin data (below). My line was looking so smooth up until that point too!!!

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 17.06.09


Rest day


Went to the gym for the first time today! Ran 1.75 miles on the treadmill with a general pace of 13:06. I say general because if you look at the picture I took of the screen after I finished it says the pace was a lot slower, but that’s because it counted my cool down walk, which slowed it down considerably. I had it set on a speed of 4.6mph for most of the run and the average pace was around 13:06. Promise!



A pretty slow run all things considered, but I don’t like going too fast on the treadmill. I feel as if I am moving much faster than I am, even though I can see from the screen that I’m not going anywhere near as fast as I am on the road. I don’t like it when I come off the treadmill either. It makes me feel a bit disoriented. I used to really like that post treadmill ‘floaty’ feeling when I was younger, but now I really don’t! I think I’ll save treadmill running for absolute emergencies and instead concentrate on other things during my gym sessions, like the cross trainer and the rowing machine and the bikes.

I also did a little bit on the bike, and a bit on this weird arm machine which I don’t know how to describe – it was like a cycling motion but for your arms?!!?! Didn’t do too much though because the treadmill run left me feeling a bit out of sorts. Stoopid treadmill!


We ran 2.00 miles around the Lake. I forgot my Garmin so had to use nike+. Our average pace was 11:25 per mile. We did stop to walk twice during this run, mostly because Gideon was really feeling it today, probably because he worked a lot harder than I did in the gym yesterday!!!


Overall it wasn’t the best week, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. This week we are planning on using our new gym membership a little more. We have a gym session planned for tomorrow and a class planned for Saturday. We will do our three run’s on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Hopefully we can do them all!

I am tweaking our weekly running up to the 10k a little bit because we are a bit behind. It’s now hopefully going to look like this:

w/c 8th Aug: 1 x 1.5 mile, 1 x 2 mile and 1 x 3 mile

w/c 15th Aug: 2 x 2 mile and 1 x 3.5 mile

w/c 22th Aug: 2 x 2 mile and 1 x 4 mile

w/c 29th Aug: 2 x 2 mile and 1 x 5 mile

w/c 5th Sept: 1 x 1.5 mile, 1 x 2 mile and 1 x 5.5 mile

w/c 12th Sept: 1 x 2 mile, 10K RACE!

I think this should be achievable if we make sure we do it. Just need to not skip runs! Also going to add some cross training into each week, but will need to be careful to make sure we don’t overdo it and get injured.



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