Weekly training recap: Mon 15th – Sun 21st Aug

It’s a short one this week. I really didnt want to write anything if i’m honest, but the point of these training recaps are to record how training is going so if I’m not going to be honest in them then whats the point of this blog. 

Mondays rest day turned into 5 days of rest. Mostly through Laziness on my part. Gid had a more legitimate reason in that he pulled some muscles in his stomach near his surgery wounds stupidly trying to do a plank so decided to give them a few days rest and not aggrivate it further.

We finally got to the gym yesterday. We did our normal workouts from our gym training plans. I was pleased because my 2000m rowing was 2 minutes faster than last week! We planned to run 3.5 miles today but then we stayed up till 2am to watch Mo win the 5000m in Rio and then had to get up early to go do the sound at church because it was my week rota’d on. Bad planning, because now we are knackered. The weather is foul here today, absolutely soaking rain, and I don’t really trust myself to run 3.5 miles on a treadmill whilst super drowsy, so we have decided to run the 3.5 miles tomorrow instead.

So thats that really.

I’m still feeling confident about the 10k. This week might have been a write off but there is still plenty of time and we know we are comfortable running half the distance already and I’m confident we’ll get up to atleast 5 mile long runs in training without issue. 10k doesnt strike me as a scary distance anymore (never thought that would happen). Thats perhaps a bad thing because it is still a distance that needs to be respected and that needs training for. After my experiences at the Swansea half I know what the consequences of undertraining can bring and I do not want to repeat that experience. And yet, I already feel far more ready and more confident about this race than I ever did about the Swansea half so thats positive. 

I have time to prep for this race. I have finished my masters study now (hoorah) and I don’t start my new full time job until the beginning of Oct. This means in theory that I can use my days off work in September to really focus on training well. I just need to turn theory into reality. 

I’ll be getting my fundraising page up and running soon. I’m going to be raising funds for Tumaini Kwa Watoto; a charity set up by some friends of mine that rescues children from the streets of Nairobi, Kenya and reunites them with their family. 

I also posted a little while back about possibly changing the name of this blog. I’m still on the fence about it at the moment, so I think I’ll keep it the same for now. As they sometimes say, ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’ 

I hope this week will be a better one. We plan to run 3.5 miles tomorrow. Go to the gym Tuesday. Rest Wednesday. Run 2 miles Thursday and then Gym on Friday. We have friends staying friday night to – Sunday so we probably won’t get much exercise done (although they may be partial to a little run as one is training for a tough mudder). So the 4 miler will likely take place Sunday evening or bank holiday monday! Hooray for August bank holidays! 


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