Running for runnings sake

It hasnt been the best week so far in terms of running, but it also hasnt been the worst. I wanted to catch up on those 3.5 miles we missed at the weekend on Monday but the weather stayed grim so the best option was to haul ourselves off to the gym and settle for the treadmill.

I knew I wouldnt get 3.5 miles on the treadmill. I just don’t like it for long distances. I  can do 15 minutes but then I start feeling hot and dizzy. I can put the speed down and walk for a while but once I start back up again the dizzy hot feeling comes back pretty quickly, and I hate fiddling with the buttons mid run because it makes me feel unsteady on my feet because I’m not concentrating on the actual ‘running’ bit so much. Anyway… I managed 1.25 miles and then I decided to move on to something else (as I was there) so I biked 5k. I know thats not far, but I put the resistance level up a fair whack and as someone who doesnt bike ever I was pretty happy with that.

Tuesday we rested and then yesterday we decided to run around the neighbourhood. Neither of us were really feeling it, so we decided to leave all trace of technology behind and just run as far as we could be bothered. So thats what we did. It was nice not to be staring at the watch every 5 minutes wondering how fast we were going or how long was left. We just ran. Turned left or right down the roads when we felt like it and just went until we found our way back home. I’m sure I could work out how far we went if I really wanted to, but I don’t. There was something nice about not putting a number on it. I certainly felt I had worked hard though, so I suspect our pace was a quick one (as it took me a long time to catch my breath again afterwards). But again, don’t really need to know.

I think thats nice sometimes. The not knowing. Theres no pressure to hit a certain time or distance. Your just running because its something you want to do, not something you have to do. It’s carefree and enjoyable and I miss that sometimes whilst training for a race in the not too distant future. 

It’ll be back to distances and timings and routine for the rest of the week I’m sure, but I do think its so nice sometimes to put the tech away and just enjoy running for runnings sake. 


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