Weekly training recap: Mon 22nd – Sun 29th

I’m a day late posting this training recap. We have had friends staying for the bank holiday weekend. They are friends who run and they brought their running stuff with them so we could go for a run somewhere. We all had the best of intentions, but in the end a run just didn’t happen. We walked a lot, and just generally enjoyed time hanging out. We spend the day at the beach and had ice cream and went out for lunch and met up with other friends to catch up. There just wasn’t a spare 5 minutes with which to fit a run in, but thats ok.


Went to the gym Monday and ran 1.25 miles on the treadmill and then biked 5k.


Rest day


Went for a run around the neighbourhood. This run was technology free so I’m afraid I don’t know how far or how fast we went.


Rest day


We did our gym workouts today. I was about 30 seconds faster on the rowing machine again so I was pretty pleased with that. I’m still not finding the shoulder press any easier though and am still on the lowest weight, but its early days still I guess.


We walked a great deal today with friends. We went down to Rhossili beach and worms head on the gower where they had a temporary art instillation up that is currently touring wales. It’s basically a big sign that says EPIC, don’t really know how arty that is but it was fun to climb on and have your picture taken with!


A bit more walking today, but not as much as yesterday (and a lot more eating).

I will put the specifics of todays workout into the next recap as normal, but we have already been to the gym today which is good. Need to get a long run in at some point. Either this evening if we are feeling up for it or tomorrow evening. We will be aiming for 4 miles I think, with 4-5 miles at the weekend as well if all goes to plan.


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