Weekly training recap: Mon 29th Aug – Sun 4th Sept

Another mixed bag this week. Gid has struggled with a horrible summer cold for much of the week so took the middle of the week off. I did one midweek run, but most of our efforts this week were concentrated on the weekend. Anyway, I’m glad to say that we managed to get out and do our 4 miler today, so I am feeling slightly more confident for the 10k in two weeks time. It wasn’t the best run I’ve ever done. It was really humid despite being overcast and I definitely overheated. We did stop and walk a couple of times so as not to overdo it, but I’m still glad we did the distance. Stupidly, having done a gym session the day before my left calf muscle felt very tight for the whole run which was annoying and didn’t help make it any easier. Definitely no gym-ing in the few days before the 10k! Taper taper taper!

On another note, I have now set up my fundraising page for the Swansea 10k. I’m running the 10k in two weeks to raise money for Tumaini Kwa Watoto – Children of Hope. They are a small charity that works in Kenya to rescue children from the streets of Nairobi and reunite them with their families, or provide a stable home environment for them. They also work with families to address the reasons why children run away from home in the first place. If you can spare a couple of £ to sponsor me and help out this amazing charity I know that it would be so so appreciated by the team! It would also help me keep motivated in these last couple of weeks! You can click here to access my BT mydonate page if you would like to sponsor me!  I’ll also put it in on the blogs homepage!

So if you have been reading regularly you will know that my goal for this 10k (as well as raising vital funds) is to run the entire race without any walking. I’m still quietly confident that I can do this. I definitely think it will be a mental battle rather than a physical one. My body probably could have gone on without the walk breaks today but my mind wasn’t having any of it, so I really need my mind to be in a good place on race day to help me push onwards.


Small gym session today. We had a plan review with the trainer, and he added a couple of bits and pieces onto our plan. I am now doing the incline walk for 25 minutes instead of 12 and dropping the cross trainer as it was hurting my knee. He also added some kettlebell exercises and burpees! I started to feel a bit ill half way through todays session though so cut it short after doing the incline walk, rowing and seated arm bike.


Rest day


I went for a run today. I decided to run with music, popped in my headphones and set off, only to realise after I had already started running that I had forgotten my garmin and hadn’t turned on my nike+ app. I must have been in a world of my own because I didn’t even realise I wasnt timing myself until about 5 minutes in, I was just enjoying running along to the music! Anyway, it was too late to do anything about it by that point so I just enjoyed my technology free run. I did map the route on mapmyrun afterwards and I think it was approximately 1.25 miles, but I have no idea how fast (or slow) I was going.


Rest day – Gid was still unwell.


Another rest day as Gid still not fully recovered.


Gym session today. I managed to do the following:

  • 25 minute treadmill walk at 3.5mph on incline level 5
  • 2000m row which took approximately 13.5 minutes
  • Shoulder press 3 reps of 16 with 5kg weight
  • Lateral pulldown machine 3 reps of 16 with 15kg weight
  • Seated rower weight machine (this is new) 3 reps of 16 with 7.5kg weight
  • 3 x 30 second planks
  • 3 x 30 second burpee sessions.
  • 5 minute cool down on the bike (whilst watching Wreck it Ralph – I should have just done the whole session on the bike and watched the movie – think of the cals I could have burnt!!)

I looked for the kettlebell (the one I can actually lift) and could not find it anywhere, so I had to skip that part. I also skipped the arm bike today because I’ve been finding the machine quite frustrating to adjust. I don’t know if something is broken on it, but I can never seem to adjust it so it’s in a comfortable position, and my arms were already feeling dead.


Ran 4 miles. We did walk a little bit but just when we were feeling tired rather than proper intervals. Average pace was a very slow 12:51 per mile. At least the distance is done now though!


Our final long run will be next weekend, and the aim is 5-5.5 miles. Looking back, our final long runs never seem to go to plan, so I really hope this one is the exception. I think managing the 5 miles would really give me a mental boost for race day. Hopefully they’ll be no illness or injury this week to de-rail the plan!


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