One week to go until the Swansea 10k!

By this time next week we should have finished the Swansea 10k and will be tucking into a delicious dinner in celebration! I won’t write a proper recap today as training has been somewhat lacklustre this week. We went to the gym yesterday. I biked 9 miles and did some weight work.

My parents were visiting this weekend, so we had them drop us at one end of Swansea bay this morning and then we ran all the way around and met them at the other end. It was 5 miles.

See where that white tower is across the water??? We ran alllll the way around to just past that! Far! 

It wasn’t the best run but it wasn’t the worst. The sun was shining and the wind was behind us so it was quite warm for the whole run. I hope next week its a little bit cooler (but not raining). We did walk a little, normally for about .10 of a mile at the end of each mile. I think it was on account of the dead legs from the gym yesterday (I clearly didn’t learn from last week).

We are planning a small run this week. Maybe 2 miles on Tuesday and then taper so that the legs are rested for the big day. I’m running this 10k in aid of children of hope, and if you have a few pennies to spare and would like to sponsor me you can do so by clicking here. Every penny is valuable money to the charity, helping them to continue to rescue children from the streets of Kenya and reunite them with their families!

So only one week to go – it’s snuck up a little. Our race bibs have come in the post, and we will be picking up our t-shirts on Saturday, and then it will just be an hour and a bit of running and done! Wish us luck!


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