Swansea 10k Goals

On Sunday, I will be running my second Swansea 10k race! You can read about the first one here. It certainly wasn’t the best race, there were bits of it I really didn’t like, but it wasn’t the worst race either and I did get a PB! The race kicks off at 1pm which I still think is a bizarre time for a race, so I’ll be looking back at last years pre-race prep to see if there is anything that needs changing this year – thank goodness for this blog that documents my races as I can’t remember any of my pre-race prep off the top of my head!

This year I am running to raise money for Children of Hope – a charity that work in Kenya to rescue children from the streets and reunite them with their families. If you would like to sponsor me you can do so here. Every penny raised will enable them to continue doing great work, so no amount is too big or too small! You can read more about it on their  website!

I have three goals for the 10k this year. An A goal, a B goal and a C goal. If any of these goals are achieved I shall consider it a job well done.

Goal A – Run the whole race without walking.

This is the big goal I have been trying to work towards, and honestly, progress has derailed a bit in the last few weeks. Nevertheless, I shall give it my best go. I shall try to eat right leading up to the race and make sure I am hydrated and hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be good conditions for running. If all these things go to plan then it could still be doable!

Goal B – A new PB.

Again, I’m not sure if this one will be achieved. Last years time was 1 hr 11 minutes 7 seconds. To beat that I’m going to have to keep it well under 12 minute miles which if I run it all could certainly be do-able, but if I have to walk that could slow things down. I need to remember if I do have to walk to really keep it at a speed walk pace and not doddle!

Goal C – Get round the course without getting injured. 

I really hope this one happens. The last few races I have run have aggravated my knee, despite it not really hurting at all in training. I really hope my knee holds out for this one and doesn’t start hurting, I’d like to finish it injury free. I also don’t want a repeat of the Swansea half marathon where I was ill for about 6 hours afterwards, but as it’s a much shorter distance and I’m much better trained so I should hopefully avoid that!

So those are the goals. Fingers crossed I can meet some of them. Either way, I’m trying to raise some much-needed funds for Children of hope, so it will be a worthwhile run regardless. Afterwards, we’ll be heading to our favourite restaurant for a good old-fashioned pig out! I think we’ll have earned it!


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