What now?

Today the inevitable September cold has taken its hold on me. As I’ve only got one week left as a part time worker and then it’s back to full time life I’ve decided to stop fighting it today and use my day off to rest up and let my body do it’s thing in the hope that it will be well and truely gone by the start of October.

Lying on the sofa with a box of tissues and a duvet does have it’s advantages. I have spent some time looking at runs I may want to attempt next year. Now that the Swansea 10k is over, there is nothing on my calendar. We have not signed up for any more races and don’t really intend to sign up for anything taking place for the rest of this year at-least. There is a reason for this:

London 2017.

Back in May, still on a post-Cardiff half marathon high Gid and I both entered the ballot for London and then promptly put it to the back of our minds. A few horrible races later and it’s started to push itself back to the front again, mostly because the ballot results will be out in just a few weeks time and I’ll suddenly know whether 2017 is going to be defined as ‘the year I try and run a marathon’ or not.

I’ve sort of gone off the idea  since I signed up to the ballot. It’s not that I don’t want to do a marathon, it’s just that I don’t know if I want to do one right now. I think maybe I’d like a few more years to mull it over, but then, a few more years might turn into several and I might never take the plunge. The plan was to do one before I was 30. I’m 27 now. So if I get that coveted spot, do I take the plunge and get it out the way at 27 or do I re-evaluate and come back to it at 28, or 29? Tough one.

Ultimately, the ballot will decide this for me. If a place comes my way, I can’t see myself giving it up unless for a very good reason, and I still believe I could do it. I’d go back to my tried and tested intervals and I think that could get me round with enough training.

So thats why nothings booked yet. That’s why we haven’t given much thought to next year. Whether either of our names are pulled out of a hat will entirely decide what next years running looks like. Right now, it’s kind of nice having nothing to work towards. We can utilise that gym membership a bit more for a while – go swimming or do a couple of classes, without feeling guilty that we should be out running instead.

The only other race that has caught our attention so far is a 10k in Winter park in Florida that is happening when we are out there on holiday in March. It would be fun to do another destination race. It starts at 7.30am so it should still be cool-ish weather and would be over by 9 in any case so the rest of the day could be spent chilling/recovering. There are no RunDisney races on when we are there this time which is sad, but this seems like it would be an awesome alternative. We’d get to explore a little bit of a very nice Florida neighbourhood and the swag looks amazing!!! A medal, a pint glass and a t-shirt! That’s a pretty nice haul!

Ultimately though, if London throws either of us a place, it will mean that an 18-20 mile long run will have to happen whilst we are in Florida, and thats a lot further than 10k. So I guess its just a waiting game now. Time to wait and see what we are dealt and then go with it!


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