Hello…. it’s me….

You may have wondered where I’ve been for the last few weeks (or you may not have – whatevs :P), truth is, since the Swansea 10k last month I have ran a total of 0 miles, and so I’ve not really had anything to blog about.

It started as a week off, as you do after ‘events’. And then poor Gideon dislocated his shoulder (again) so his inability to run for a couple of weeks meant that I also couldn’t be bothered to run and 1 week turned into 3. And then I started my new job, which is full time and has a hefty commute, so I’ve been using the excuse of ‘getting used to the new pattern of working’. But now at last I think it’s time to start again, so after this weekend (as we are going away) I’ll be lacing up the trainers once more and hitting the road.

Earlier this week this happened:


We both had the ‘I’m sorry’ magazine. Which means no London Marathon 2017 (for me at least, but I’ll get to that…). I said before that I wasn’t really sure anymore if a marathon was something I wanted to do right at this moment in time. I’m still not really sure, but I must admit that I was more disappointed not to have got a ballot place than I thought I would be. What I can’t work out however, is whether this disappointment is because I won’t be running a marathon (in which case I could potentially do something about that) or because I won’t be running the LONDON MARATHON (in which case, not much I can do, for reasons again I will explain in a moment…).

The day after our ballot results, Gideon was offered a charity place to run for Children with Cancer! I’m so pleased for him, because the dream was to run it before we turn 30 and his time is running out! (actually technically he’ll already just be 30 when the marathon happens, but we’ll still call it a goal accomplished as it will be his 30th year of life). I on the other hand have 3 years before I turn 30 so a few more chances at getting a ballot place or a potential charity place in the future.


If I really want to run it why don’t I just get a charity place now I hear you say?? Well a) I’m still not convinced I do really want to run it, and b) charities ask you to fundraise a minimum amount for London, and with two of us running that minimum amount would be pretty large and potentially quite hard to reach. So if I’m going to run London I’m going to save it for another year.

However… there is still the issue of whether I want to run a marathon, or whether – for me – it has to be the London Marathon? There are after all plenty of other marathons. There is the Disney marathon, there is the new Cardiff marathon that was recently announced. Would I be happy running a different marathon, or does it have to be London? Gideon will after all, be training all winter and I’m likely to get dragged along on a fair few of those runs. I could obviously just tag along for moral support for part of the distance on the longer runs if I wasn’t training for a marathon. But then again, I could sign up for a marathon around the same time as his and we could train together and motivate each other. Would this make me more likely to stick to training than if I had to do it on my own at another time?

Many things to think about, and lots to ponder. I’m not going to make any decisions now. There are still a couple of months before Gideon’s training for London will really start to intensify, so I think I’m just going to run with him for now as normal and see how I feel in the deep dark depths of winter –  see if that marathon jealously is still lingering, or if it’s been extinguished. And at the same time I’ll do a bit of research, I’ll see what options are available to me, and if something clearly takes my fancy perhaps I’ll take the plunge. After all, there really is no ‘right’ time to do anything, so perhaps the time is now.




5 thoughts on “Hello…. it’s me….

  1. I am training for my first marathon right now (Disney Marathon January 2017). It took me a few years to finally take the plunge and sign up. I was hesitant because I knew I would be doing it alone which also meant all those long training runs would be alone. I just reached 16 miles last weekend. I think scheduling the training runs is harder than running the marathon will be that day! Just be prepared to put in a lot of commitment and big chunks of time when you get into those longer runs! I increase my long distance every other weekend. Sometimes it can really be hard getting up early knowing you will be running for several hours. But I have definitely learned a lot about myself and I am always super proud of myself with each mile I am able to check off!

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    1. Yeah, I think thats why training with Gid might be a good idea. I stand more chance of actually getting out and doing the run lol


  2. Cardiff has since been delayed until April 2018, but Manchester is a week or two before London, and is very flat. Paris is also a week or two before London and could be worth checking out, though requires a doctor’s note/medical certificate for entry.

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  3. I remember feeling like that last year- I was super disappointed I didn’t get London, even though I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to run a marathon. I guess it’s just that you’d never turn down London, so if you get a ballot spot, that kinda makes your decision for you! Aaaaanyway, seeing your other half train for a marathon will at least let you see the reality of it and if it’s something you want. And you never know, you may still do a spring marathon this year and then the two of you will suffer together 😛

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