Next years races

So now that I know I’m not running London in 2017 (and to keep you updated, now that there is no Cardiff Marathon happening either, I’m pretty sure I’m ok with the idea of not running a marathon anytime soon), I’ve been having a think about what races I do want to run.

I’ve decided I definitely need to sign up to run something, because it does motivate me to actually go out and run. I need that motivation, and I need the eventual reward (in the form of a shiny medal). So I’ve been having a look at some potentials and these are what I have so far:-

St David’s Day 5k/10k – Cardiff:

This takes place in March on the Sunday that falls closest to St. Davids day (5th March in 2017). There is a 5k and a 10k option. Last year we both ran the 5k option, and despite the fact that my shoes gave me the most HORRENDOUS blisters I’ve ever experienced in my life, I (weirdly) still remember this race as an enjoyable one. Next year I think Gid will run the 10k option (as he’ll be doing marathon training), and I’ll probably stick with the 5k one, because why not?

Also, they showed some new medal designs on facebook a little while ago and they look NICCEEEEE. You know I’m all about the medals!!

Winterpark 10k – Florida:

At the end of March, we’ll be on holiday in DISNEYWORLD!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Gid will still have to train for his marathon whilst on holiday so we had a little looksie to see if there were any races out there we could do and we found the Winterpark 10k. It’s through a lovely area of Orlando which will be so fun to explore. It starts at 7.30am so shouldn’t be too warm yet and the race swag looks A-MAZING! A t-shirt, a pint glass and a medal!!! Whaaaaaat!?!??!?!

Ok… so actually thats all I have so far. But two is enough for now. It’ll be great to have some mini goals for me and some mini races for Gid as he trains for London (he might throw in a half somewhere too if we can find one), and then when he’s done London we can choose some more races for the autumn season! It’s good to have some goals though, and I’m already looking forward to running both these races!



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