A marathon plan…

Yes hello. It’s me again. Sorry for the lack of posts again. I still haven’t really got back into the swing of training, mostly because I’ve had a couple of bad colds in the last few weeks, and also because I’m lazy and it’s cold outside. Exercise has been a bit sporadic, but that’s about to change, because we are about to have something to train for again!

….Ok, so not me specifically, but Gideon. Gideon’s Marathon training plan starts TOMORROW. Woop woop! We have adapted a Jeff Galloway plan. It looks like so:


The plan finishes on the 15th April, the marathon is the next Sunday (23rd)… I haven’t written a plan for that week, it’s taper, so maybe one short run. 

Obviously, I’m not signed up for a marathon, but I am signed up for a 10k in March, so I need to get back to regular running. We have tailored this plan to fit around our prior commitments (races and holidays) and this means that we won’t have to do any crazy long run’s in Florida which is good, because Florida’s hot, and I don’t like running in the heat. So why I’ve decided to run another race in it I’ll never know. The lure of the medal is just too strong people! At least it’s just 10k (can’t believe I just wrote ‘just a 10k’ down, what have I become?!).

I plan to run the 45 minute runs with Gideon each week and then run a portion of the long run (once they go above about 8 or 9 miles – I’ll run the full run if it’s shorter than this). This should keep me well-trained for the 10k and also help keep Gideon motivated as he will have a running buddy for at least some of the long runs!

I’ve had my flu jab now so that should mean that I don’t get sick anymore right….RIGHT?!??!?! I doubt that, but one can dream! I’m always full of coughs and colds all winter but hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with this light (and somewhat flexible for me) training plan and be in good shape for the 10k in March.

98 days until the St. Davids Day 5k and 10k

111 days until DISNEY WORLD

118 days until Winter park 10k

148 days until Gideon runs the London Marathon.

Bring on 2017. Bring. it. on.




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