The first run in forever

Ever since I thought of the title for this blog I’ve had that song ‘first time in forever’ from Frozen in my head. It won’t go away, not that I’m complaining, I am a disney nerd after all!

Anyhow… after another week of procrastination, I finally worked up enough motivation today to get back out there and run. Aside from a few very brief spells on the treadmill at the gym, today has been the first time I have got out and ran since the Swansea 10k back in September!! I know, mad right! The longer I left it, the harder it was to start again, so I’m glad I’ve finally broken through the ‘getting back out there’ barrier.

I was expecting it to be really tough, because I haven’t run for 2+ months, and have put on about 5lbs in that time (thats what happens when you don’t run but continue to eat all the chocolate folks), and had about 17 million different colds!

I decided to tag along with Gideon on his 5 miler, although I wasnt going to go that far. The plan was to turn around when I felt it was right, run back to the car and then wait for him to get back. We did really easy intervals of 2 miles running and 1 mile walking – ease me back in!

As it turns out, I managed a whole 5k! I genuinely wasn’t sure I’d be able to do that after not running for 2+ months. And you know what, dare I say it? I didn’t even find it that difficult! It actually felt good, it felt nice, even though it was bloody freezing! But really, how can you not enjoy being out when this is your view?!


So basically, a great first run, and a great way to kick off my training for the 10k in March. I can’t wait to go back out now, and I’m so glad! I really fell out of love with running after the Swansea half and Swansea 10k last year, so maybe an extended break is exactly what I needed to make me enjoy it again!

As this is all I’ve done this week, I’m going to let Gideon give you a recap of his London Marathon training tomorrow, so watch this space!



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