2016 Running in Review.

Despite the fact that the last quarter of this year has been EXTREMELY quiet for me in terms of running/exercise/anything fitness related really, I must not forget that I have achieved a lot this year. What feels like a lifetime ago – completing my first half marathon – was only in March! Less than a year ago!

I’ve run 4 races this year. Two of which I enjoyed and two of which I haven’t.

February saw both myself and Gideon complete the St. David’s Day 5k! I really enjoyed this race, despite the fact that an 11 mile run the day before had left my feet severely blistered. I was proud because I managed to run the whole race even with the blisters (and when I say blisters, I mean blisters the size of 50p pieces). There was a real sense of achievement that day and I enjoyed myself in spite of the difficulties. This is the only race that I’ve signed up to run again in 2017 (signed up today in fact, so there’s no excuse for my fitness lapse to continue into the new year).


In March, we finally met the goal we had set back in 2015 of running a half marathon! It was a little late, but not through any fault of our own. We completed the IAAF/Cardiff University World Half Marathon on Easter Saturday, and again, in spite of a nagging knee injury and a monsoon, it was an enjoyable race, and we were so pleased to have met our goal!


From here, things sort of went downhill. In June, appendicitis sidelined Gideon’s 2016 attempt at the Swansea half marathon, and so I was left to decide whether I wanted to run it by myself. Stupidly, despite being severely under-trained, I went ahead, and even though I finished, I would not recommend attempting a half marathon whilst under-trained to anyone. I spent a horrible afternoon being sick afterwards and that really knocked my running confidence. Nothings been quite the same since. I lost my running mojo a bit.


So in August we decided to join the Gym! Whaaaaat?! I know, I’m still in shock myself but we did! I needed a break from “just running” for a while and the gym helped with that whilst still keeping me fit and healthy!

September saw my second attempt at the Swansea 10k. It did not go as well as the first and my time was absolutely abysmal. Had it been a normal race I probably would have just quit, but I was raising some funds for a charity close to my heart and that kept me going until the end. Job done.


October saw the results of the London Marathon Ballot for 2017 released. Neither Gideon or myself got a place through the ballot, but Gideon secured a charity place shortly after and began the long hard training slog towards April 2017.

And that pretty much brings us to now.

It’s been a festive period filled with food and fun, but I’m finally ready to get back off the sofa and return to training. Besides the St David’s day 5k in March, we are also signed up for the Winter Park 10k in Florida, so plenty to motivate me to do well in the first quarter of 2017.

Here’s to a new year, new goals, new achievements, and a new set of medals to add to the collection!

Miles ran in 2016: 152.3 miles according to Nike+!

Races completed: 4





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