Musings from my coffee break

I am typing this from the beachside coffee shop as Gideon takes on his 11 mile long run around the bay. I’ve ran the first 1.5 miles with him which conveniently brings me to this spot, where I’ll sit with a cuppa for the next 1.5 hours until he returns and then run the last 1.5 miles back to the car with him. 3 miles for me… with a coffee break in between! 

It’s a resonably nice morning here today. It’s threatening showers but the sun is also trying to burn through and it’s quite mild for January, so a good day for running. 

I went to the gym yesterday and so I was a bit intregued to see how this mornings run would be, whether I would feel fresh or tired. The first half went well I’m glad to say. I’m not sure how the second half will go on a stomach full of latte but thankfully I’ve got an hour before then to let it go down.

Being the first weekend of 2017, the front is quite busy with runners this morning. There is even a beginners run club here that have just started up currently running back and forth infront of the cafe. I feel almost naughty for enjoying my latte in the warm! 

This weekend is the annual Walt Disney World Marathon weekend in Florida. I’m part of some rundisney groups on facebook, and people have been eagerly training for either the 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon for months in anticipation of this weekend. 

Late friday night, rundisney had to make the difficult decision of cancelling the half marathon planned for early Saturday morning. There was a massive storm front coming in, with lightning predicted in the area. The safety risks to runners were just too great, there is no shelter at the start or out on the course, so they made the difficult decision to cancel.

Reading the posts on the facebook group was heatbreaking. We sympathise, truely. Having been at Walt Disney World, ready to run our first ever half marathon in 2015 and then having it cut short for the same reasons (lightning) I truely truely felt these guys pain. When you have worked so hard for something for so long and it doesnt go to plan it’s tough. At the end of the day though, just like back with our race, rundisney had to put safety first and they made the right call. People totally understood this, but often it still doesnt make it any easier.

The early morning predicted storm came and went, and then something truely truely inspiring happened. People who were due to run the half just went out and did it anyway. There were hundreds of posts from people who had gone out and ran around their resorts or their neighbourhoods at home and completed their 13.1 miles regardless of the fact that there was no race. They had earned there medals (which they could still go and pick up from rundisney even though the race was cancelled which was pretty nice). Other runners doing todays marathon or who had done the 5 and 10ks were setting up makeshift water stops at the resorts and holding signs and cheering people on. Someone even made a finish line from toilet roll that people could run through! It was a truely truely beautiful thing to witness (even virtually through the internet). All these runners, banding together to help each other meet their goal, no matter the circumstances. Never have I been so proud to call myself part of  the running community as I was yesterday. 

So as I sit here with my cuppa and wait for Gideon to return so I can run the 1.5 miles back to the car with him, I will watch my fellow runners go past and give each and every one a cheer in my head, because they are all working towards something, whether its completing a specific distance, getting faster, gaining speed, or just becoming a more healthy version of themselves, and that is something I can get behind! You’ve got this runners! 


2 thoughts on “Musings from my coffee break

  1. I am surprised that Gideon didn’t join you! I had a shocking 11 mile run today and I know which I would have rather done given the choice! I love hearing stories like this about cancelled races. I love how the running community is a true community. x

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  2. I participated in Marathon weekend (just finished my first marathon this morning!!) It was so amazing and inspiring watching and reading about the community coming together to help those runners complete their 13.1 miles! I was also at Wine & Dine half of a half in 2015 and like you can totally relate with their disappointment, but I love how they made the best of the situation. Made me almost wish they had just cancelled ours so we could have gone out and completed the full 13.1 like that! Would have been hard to just keep on running past the finish line to get all the miles in!

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