Disney World Update no.2

Another great few days in Disney World! We are already well into our second week here, which makes me kinda sad cause I don’t wanna go home yet!!! 

Much of the same had happened since my last post. We completed the Winter Park 10k on Saturday which was a great race with some pretty lovely looking medals! I’ll do a full review when we get home.

Gideon also ran his longest training run for the London Marathon on Tuesday- 20 miles around the Caribbean Beach resort! He started at 5am! Crazy!! (That tiny dot on the bridge is him).

When we were wandering around the Magic Kingdom on wednesday we were stopped by Jackie and her son, who read this blog! Hi Jackie!!! It was lovely to meet you, hope you had a fun evening! 

On Sunday we went to the Kennedy Space Center which was a great day out and I’d highly recommend! We saw the actual Atlantis space shuttle and an Apollo Rocket and it was amazing to see the scale of these rockets up close- they are huge!!

We also got to watch Rivers of Light, which is the new nightime show at Animal Kingdom! I thought it was really beautiful. It’s quite abstract it in it’s storytelling, but I quite liked that about it!

Other than that there has been more hammock time (I love those hammocks) and a lot more walking around the parks – 60,000 steps since Sunday and we still have 2.5 more days!

And lots more eating!! Disney is foodie heaven I swear!!!!

Only 2.5 more days before we come home, which makes me sad, but we have plenty to pack in, including dinner at the California Grill, Starwars fireworks and a trip to my favourite resort – the Wilderness Lodge! 

I’ll finish off our trip when we get home, write a proper review of the 10k and let Gideon update you all on his London Marathon training, so until then, I’ll be in the parks! See ya real soon! 


Disney Update! 

So we are here! In Disney World!! I’m writing this from our room at the Caribbean Beach resort, during a much needed midday break! Just wanted to share some pictures from our first few days. Gideon has been busy hitting the resort trail during his marathon training, and we are looking forward to the winterpark 10k on Saturday.

Other than that, I managed to snag myself this adorable rundisney tshirt in the outlet store! 

And we have been spending plenty of time on our feet in the parks….

And eating plenty of delicious food!

And we still have 10 days of fun ahead! 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

Gideon’s London Marathon 2017 training recap: Week 15!

Hello All, I’ve actually remembered to blog this week yay! So here is my recap for the last week:

Week 15 – w/c 13th March

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Run

  • 3.01 miles which took 31 mins and 58 secs with an average pace of 10.38 per mile.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Long Run day!

So today was my attempt of 20 miles and lets say it really really didn’t go to plan, about an hour before I was due to start running I wasn’t feeling great but I thought it would pass. The first 3-4 miles were good, my pace was on point and my legs were feeling good but disaster struck at mile 6, I took a gel like normal and then I promptly threw it back up.

I thought that it was just me and the gel not mixing, I continued to run and wasn’t feeling great, I got to mile 9 and attempted another gel and I again promptly threw this back up and was feeling really really unwell. So after walking for another mile to 10 still feeling awful, I abandoned the run.


As much as I was gutted that I didn’t get to the miles I wanted, I still managed 10 miles at a solid pace, with each mile split being within 2 seconds of each other! I’m learning that not hitting my targets isn’t failure –  it’s just life sometimes.

Friday – Went to the gym and did a recovery walk 3 miles easy pace and gradient

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Car-boot sale!!

So as you all know by now I am taking part in the marathon to help raise lots of money for the amazing charity that is Children with Cancer UK. Today as part of my fundraising the wife and I did a car boot sale!

Myself and Amy had researched car boot sales in the area to ensure that we got the best possible place to maximise our selling potential and we found a good one housed in a multi-story car park all undercover which meant sun, rain or snow we would be able to do our sale…or so we thought!!

We turned up at the car park at 6.30am only to find that there has been a serious police incident and that the multi-story and the surrounding roads has been closed. They had however managed to secure use of the small carpark next to the multi-story, which could only house about 30 cars. Thankfully we arrived just in the nick of time and were the last car into the car park!

As we had planned for a covered car-boot we hadn’t bothered looking at weather forecasts. We managed to have a dry hour or so but then heavens opened on us and it rained for about 45 mins. It then cleared for another couple of hours and then started to rain again quite heavily at around 11am so we decided to close up shop (about 1 hour before we were due to). Despite the less than ideal conditions we managed to raise £60, which will help towards our target, and we still have some stock leftover to sell online and hopefully make even more!


This week I am planning to re-attempt my long run. Originally, I was going to do a 20 mile run (that should have been this weeks) and then a final 23 mile long run after I returned from holiday, but given whats happened, I have adjusted this plan slightly and will be doing an 18 mile run this week and then a 20-21 mile run when I get back from holiday. Having spoken to lots of people and researched marathon training plans on the internet, I am confident that a 20 mile final long run should be sufficient. Hopefully, this week, I’ll manage to get those 18 miles in and feel a bit more confident about things going into my holiday weeks in Florida. And don’t worry – it might be holiday but plenty of running is planned for then too!

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Thank you.

St David’s Day 5k 2017 race recap.

So yesterday I completed my first race of 2017 – the St. David’s Day 5k in Cardiff!

As I said in my post last week, I was not expecting to break any records with this race, it was mearly a fun run. I hadn’t trained enough for it to be anything more, and quite frankly even if I had, I think it the sheer nature of this race (I will explain more further down) would have prevented any 5k PB’s from emerging!

The weather forecast for the race was not good. It went from looking dry but cold at the start of the week, to looking wet and windy by the day before. In the end, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. Heavy winds and heavy showers were predicted, and whilst it was windy, the 45 mph gusts that were predicted hadn’t quite materialised by 10 am so the wind wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I was expecting. The rain also held off for the most part, and all the really angry looking clouds just seemed to skirt their way around the edges of Bute park, where the race was taking place, so that was a bit of luck!

The whole bad weather forecast thing left me dreading this race, but actually it was totally fine. We rocked up about 30 minutes before the start and sat in the car for a bit before wandering over about 10 minutes before the gun. This worked well for me because I wasn’t stood around in the cold for ages beforehand contemplating how miserable it was going to be. It was literally, get there, get going and then before you knew it it was over. Poor Gideon had to wait until midday to run his 10k, so he was feeling a bit grumpy at having to stand around in the cold, but I didn’t have that problem!

I think this race has slightly outgrown it’s location. The starting gun went and we all funnelled through the start line onto the path that lead to the bridge over the river. It was total gridlock for at-least the first .5 mile, and there were times in that first part where I had no choice but to walk even if I’d wanted to run because it was completely bottlenecked. Unfortunately the path’s just aren’t very wide, and because it was incredibly muddy nobody wanted to veer off the path (I tried it once to overtake someone and nearly fell on my face). Hence, if it had been a PB attempt, I wouldn’t have been a very happy bunny! But as it was,this was just a bit of fun for me so I wasn’t overly bothered.

I ran my way around the course, stopping to walk when I fancied it. It’s really quite a pretty park to run around with mile 1.5-2.5ish alongside the river. The river was in full flow today because of the wind and all the rain we have had, and actually looked a bit dangerous and scary, but in a beautiful sort of way, if that makes sense. Eventually, I crossed back over the river and that’s when it started to rain a little, but it was a nice refreshing light shower rather than a heavy downpour so all was well.

I crossed the line in an abysmal 38 something minutes, but that’s ok. Like I said, this was a fun run, not meant to break any records and I did enjoy it, despite thinking I wouldn’t. Plus I got this lovely (all be it slightly smaller than I was anticipating) medal.

This is the second time I have run the St. David’s Day 5k, and both times I have enjoyed it. It’s a lovely flat scenic course. The race is well organised and marshalled and is perfect for beginners. I would say that it’s gotten so popular now that unless you fight your way through to start right at the front I wouldn’t expect to break any records. Bottlenecks are a problem, but if your just in it to have a good time, then it definitely ticks that box.


Gideon’s London Marathon 2017 training recap: Weeks 13 and 14.

I’m getting really bad at remembering to blog every week! Call it runners brain! So here we have another 2 week recap but with some exciting developments 🙂

Week 13 – W/C 20th Feb 

You may remember from my last recap, I attempted, but failed to get to 17 miles due to a niggle with my knee (caused by an altercation with a dog and an extendable lead), so this week was centred around trying to tackle that distance again and actually get there this time!

Monday & Tuesday – Rest Days:

I decided to give my knee more time to rest and re-coup from its ordeal with the dog and the extendable lead!

Wednesday – D.Day: 17 mile attempt:

I had planned to do my run on Thursday but with the pending arrival of Storm Dorris I thought it best to get it all done before the worst of the weather (wind) hit. Despite this I was still running in torrential rain and 25-30 mph winds, but I went…I saw… and I conquered my longest run to date!!


It felt great to get the miles under the belt and my body felt ok considering the horrific weather. I think I have started to nail my nutrition regime too.

Thursday – Rest Day 

Friday – Gym:

  • Warm-Up – Walking at 3.8mph pace @ 3% gradient – 10 mins
  • Bike 5.48 miles
  • 3 x 16 Leg Press@ 30 kg
  • 3 x 10 Chest Press @ 22.5 kgs
  • Cool Down – Walking at 3.8mph pace @ 3% gradient – 10 mins

Saturday + Sunday:

We spent the weekend away at Amy’s Parents, so I wont lie, we were very lazy and maybe ate too much.

Week 14 – W/C 27th Feb 

Monday – Gym: 

  • 10 min warm up – bike
  • Cross – trainer

Unfortunately I had been on the cross trainer for no more than 3 mins when the fire alarm went off in the gym and we all had to evacuate. Workout abandoned.

Tuesday – Rest Day:

Wednesday – Gym:

  • Warm up – 10 mins on treadmill @ 3% gradient at 3.5 mph pace
  • 2.02 mile run – 21.46 with average pace of 10.46 per mile
  • Cool-Down – 10 mins on Treadmill @ 3% gradient at 3.5 mph pace


Thursday – Run:

Ran 1 mile in 10 mins 21 seconds.

Friday – Gym:

  • 4.10 miles on bike – 15 mins
  • 1.41 miles on Treadmill @ 7.5% gradient at 3.6mph pace
  • 2 mile cooldown on bike

Saturday – Rest Day 

Sunday – St David’s Day 10k: 

So today marked the first “race” of the year –  the St Davids Day 10k in Bute park in Cardiff. Both myself and Amy ran the 5k last year in prep for our half marathon, but this year I decided to run the 10k whereas Amy decided to repeat the 5k (full race recap of this from Amy to follow).

It was a very windy day, with some considerable showers around. Luckily the sun came out during the 10k and it didn’t rain at all, although the wind was still very strong in places. I really struggled going into this run as I wanted to race and get the best time possible but I needed to remember to treat this run as just another training run for London with the aim of not injuring myself by pushing to hard.

Well I completed it and it was actually very good. Time-wise it wasn’t my best 10k (1 hour 10 mins 41 seconds – so not terrible either), but at the same time I managed to keep my split and pace on point for where I wanted to be so it was encouraging for me if not fast!



This week I will be looking to push up to 20 miles for my long run and try to dedicate my other runs to improving my strength and pace. I have run’s of 20 miles and 23 miles planned before the marathon, however we are off to Florida in 2 weeks so I want to get this 20 miler in before we go and then get the 23 miler in as soon as we get back and just try to  consistently in Florida in between.

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Thank you.