Disney World Update no.2

Another great few days in Disney World! We are already well into our second week here, which makes me kinda sad cause I don’t wanna go home yet!!! 

Much of the same had happened since my last post. We completed the Winter Park 10k on Saturday which was a great race with some pretty lovely looking medals! I’ll do a full review when we get home.

Gideon also ran his longest training run for the London Marathon on Tuesday- 20 miles around the Caribbean Beach resort! He started at 5am! Crazy!! (That tiny dot on the bridge is him).

When we were wandering around the Magic Kingdom on wednesday we were stopped by Jackie and her son, who read this blog! Hi Jackie!!! It was lovely to meet you, hope you had a fun evening! 

On Sunday we went to the Kennedy Space Center which was a great day out and I’d highly recommend! We saw the actual Atlantis space shuttle and an Apollo Rocket and it was amazing to see the scale of these rockets up close- they are huge!!

We also got to watch Rivers of Light, which is the new nightime show at Animal Kingdom! I thought it was really beautiful. It’s quite abstract it in it’s storytelling, but I quite liked that about it!

Other than that there has been more hammock time (I love those hammocks) and a lot more walking around the parks – 60,000 steps since Sunday and we still have 2.5 more days!

And lots more eating!! Disney is foodie heaven I swear!!!!

Only 2.5 more days before we come home, which makes me sad, but we have plenty to pack in, including dinner at the California Grill, Starwars fireworks and a trip to my favourite resort – the Wilderness Lodge! 

I’ll finish off our trip when we get home, write a proper review of the 10k and let Gideon update you all on his London Marathon training, so until then, I’ll be in the parks! See ya real soon! 


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