Winterpark 10k 2017 race recap

As part of Gideons marathon training (and just for fun) we decided to enter a race whilst on our most recent holiday to Florida. After a little bit of searching we found the Winterpark 10k, which was presented by trackshack & Florida Hospital and which took place mid way through our holidays. It seemed like a great option so we signed up.

As you’ll know if you regularly read this blog, my training as of late has been a little lax. I completed the St. Davids Day 5k in Feb, which was fine, but I wasnt quite prepared to run a 10k in the Florida heat. So I didnt. I walked. 

If you don’t want to hear about my walk you may as well stop reading now. Gideon ran the whole race, and finished in a respectable time. I walked about 80% of it. I did do a little bit of running at the start, but by mile 2 I had made up my mind that I simply didnt want to push my body into something it wasnt trained for, especially with the temperature ramping up rapidly as the sun had just risen. 

Thankfully, this race was perfect for someone who wanted to walk. There were plenty of people out on the course. Trackshack wanted as many people as possible to join the event so encouraged walkers and race walkers. If you wernt maintaining a 16 minute mile I think you were asked to move to the pavement but that was not a problem for me as my miles were consistently in the 14 minute range- and actually I was incredibly suprised I was able to keep that waking pace up for 6.2 miles! My upper thighs certainly felt it in the days after!!

The course itself was fab. Closed roads, all around the beautiful residental area of Winterpark, which was like mansion land- all the houses were huge!! There were also some beautiful lakes, so lots to keep you from getting bored on a 6.2 mile walk. The course was also nice and flat- at least thats how I would describe it coming from hilly Wales! I powered up a small incline much to the dismay of some of my fellow participants from Florida who proceeded to tell me that this was a massive hill by Florida standards (which I suppose it was). 

Overall, a well organised and very scenic race and I was glad I did it even if I didnt really run it. I mean how could I drop our completely when this lovely medal was on offer??? 


Disney Update! 

So we are here! In Disney World!! I’m writing this from our room at the Caribbean Beach resort, during a much needed midday break! Just wanted to share some pictures from our first few days. Gideon has been busy hitting the resort trail during his marathon training, and we are looking forward to the winterpark 10k on Saturday.

Other than that, I managed to snag myself this adorable rundisney tshirt in the outlet store! 

And we have been spending plenty of time on our feet in the parks….

And eating plenty of delicious food!

And we still have 10 days of fun ahead! 

Happy Wednesday everyone! 

An update

This time in three weeks we will be on a plane to Disney World! Eeeeek! 

So hi… it’s me! I haven’t updated in a while. I’ve just been leaving it to Gideon to keep you informed of his London Marathon training and not saying much myself, but I’ve now realised it’s only 1 week until my first 5k of the year and only 4 weeks until my first 10k of the year! I figured it was time to tell you whats been going on!

Firstly, I have been running! Though probably not as much as I should be in order to prepare for these races. Next weekend we are doing the St David’s Day races in Cardiff. I’m doing the 5k and Gideon is doing the 10k. I’m thinking the 5k will be absolutely fine. I know I can run 5k and I’ve done it several times in training, so no issues there. It certainly won’t break any records, but i’ll get around the course, and look at the swell medal they are giving out this year! Yes please!

Pic curtesy of St. Davids Day 10k fb page

The problem I think comes with the Winterpark 10k in Florida on March 25th. Again, another awesome medal- so I want to do it. However I’ve struggled to push my training up past the 5k distance as of late. I can’t really pinpoint why this is if i’m honest. It’s definitely part laziness, but also my legs seem incredibly stiff at the moment every time I go out, which doesnt help matters. I’m planning a 4 mile run tomorrow and I think if I can get that done comfortably then i’ll continue on training for it and hopefully do the race. Again it certainly won’t break any records, but I should get round. 

The only other thing that worries me about it is the heat. The last race we did in Florida was so so warm- unbearably so. I don’t know if I can cope with that again. Those were unseasonably high temperatures though, and this race does take place very early in the morning, so hopefully it won’t be quite so bad. But still, the thought of it does worry me somehow. We get there a week before the race, so plenty of time to aclimatise to the temps. I think the best option is just going to be to do some training runs and see what it’s like. If I can run comfortably in it then i’ll do the race, if I feel it’s to uncomfortable then I won’t, or i’ll walk it. 

Anyway. In 3 week’s we’ll be on a plane, which is so exciting. It’s come around so quickly and I just can’t wait to get out there now and have a proper holiday! Gid will have lots of London Marathon training to do, so we are hoping to get out on some of the new balance trails and do some reviews for you guys. We also have plenty of meals planned and are staying in a hotel we havent been to before, so expect plenty of disney related content when we get back!  So excited!!!!

Disney trip 2017: what’s new?

In March 2017 we will be off on our 4th trip to Disney World since 2013! A lot of people ask me why we go to Disney so much. Are we not bored of it? Wouldn’t we rather go somewhere else? And yes, whilst there are many many other places I would also like to go (and I will get to them), a trip to Disney is never boring, mostly because no matter how frequently you go, there is always something new and different to do. Since our last trip in November 2015 a multitude of new things have opened in and around Disney World. Here is just a small selection of the new things I am looking forward to seeing this year that didn’t exist on our last trip:

Eating at Skipper’s canteen: This fun new restaurant opened in the Magic Kingdom in December 2015, so we just missed it on our last trip. It is found in adventureland and is themed to be an extension of the Jungle Cruise ride, where the skippers from the ride hang out and have dinner. Jungle cruise skippers are your waiters, so it should be a fun experience as they are known for their humour. I’ve also heard numerous reviews that the food is some of the best that can be found in the Magic Kingdom, so I’m excited to try it out for myself.

Riding Frozen Ever After: The popular Frozen franchise finally got a ride at Disney World in  June 2016 and I’m pretty excited to give it a try! It can be found in the Norway pavilion of EPCOT (as the film took a great deal of inspiration from Norway) and has been rated very highly, especially for its animatronics!

Shopping and Dining at Disney Springs: When we last went to Disney world in November 2015, Disney Springs had started its renovations, but was mostly a maze of construction walls. Now, it’s pretty much finished, with a completely new shopping and dining area called town centre. There are so many places I want to try out in the new and improved Disney Springs, including Sprinkles Cupcakes, Art Smith’s Homecoming Kitchen, Blaze Pizza, D-Luxe Burger and Morimoto Asia! I can see a lot of our time being spent in Disney Springs during this holiday!

Soarin’ around the World: I have been so good and mostly stayed away from any spoilers and videos of Soarin around the world, so I still have no idea what to expect with this new version of one of my old favourites. I hope it will live up to my expectations!

The beginnings of Star Wars at Hollywood Studios: Okay, so Star Wars Land won’t be opening for a few years yet, but since our last trip, Hollywood Studios has added both the Star Wars launch bay and the Star Wars fireworks display, which I am really looking forward to seeing as it is supposed to be really brilliant! I think this will give us a nice flavour of things to come!

Animal Kingdom at night: This is what I am most looking forward too. Since our last trip to Disney World, Animal Kingdom has started after-dark operations. You can now do Kilimanjaro Safaris at night-time, see the Tree of Life awakening projection show, and there is even the possibility of (dare I say it) RIVERS OF LIGHT! This nighttime show at Animal Kingdom has been delayed due to technical difficulties, but there are rumblings that it may be opening soon as cast member previews have been taking place recently, so fingers crossed it will open in the next 105 days and we will be able to see it!

Along with all these brand new offerings, we are also staying in a different resort. This year, we will be staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach resort, which is a moderate level resort. Having never stayed in a moderate level Disney resort before I am looking forward to seeing how it differs from the values and the deluxe’s, and I’m looking forward to ticking one more place to stay off my list!

So there you have it, a trip to Disney World is never the same. Things are constantly changing, which is one reason why we are drawn back again and again! Every holiday is different, but you also feel right at home!

What has changed since your last trip to Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!



Next years races

So now that I know I’m not running London in 2017 (and to keep you updated, now that there is no Cardiff Marathon happening either, I’m pretty sure I’m ok with the idea of not running a marathon anytime soon), I’ve been having a think about what races I do want to run.

I’ve decided I definitely need to sign up to run something, because it does motivate me to actually go out and run. I need that motivation, and I need the eventual reward (in the form of a shiny medal). So I’ve been having a look at some potentials and these are what I have so far:-

St David’s Day 5k/10k – Cardiff:

This takes place in March on the Sunday that falls closest to St. Davids day (5th March in 2017). There is a 5k and a 10k option. Last year we both ran the 5k option, and despite the fact that my shoes gave me the most HORRENDOUS blisters I’ve ever experienced in my life, I (weirdly) still remember this race as an enjoyable one. Next year I think Gid will run the 10k option (as he’ll be doing marathon training), and I’ll probably stick with the 5k one, because why not?

Also, they showed some new medal designs on facebook a little while ago and they look NICCEEEEE. You know I’m all about the medals!!

Winterpark 10k – Florida:

At the end of March, we’ll be on holiday in DISNEYWORLD!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Gid will still have to train for his marathon whilst on holiday so we had a little looksie to see if there were any races out there we could do and we found the Winterpark 10k. It’s through a lovely area of Orlando which will be so fun to explore. It starts at 7.30am so shouldn’t be too warm yet and the race swag looks A-MAZING! A t-shirt, a pint glass and a medal!!! Whaaaaaat!?!??!?!

Ok… so actually thats all I have so far. But two is enough for now. It’ll be great to have some mini goals for me and some mini races for Gid as he trains for London (he might throw in a half somewhere too if we can find one), and then when he’s done London we can choose some more races for the autumn season! It’s good to have some goals though, and I’m already looking forward to running both these races!


Countdown to Disney: 174 days to go!

With less than 6 months until our next trip to Walt Disney World the count down has well and truly began. This week, we have spent time booking some advanced dining reservations for our must-do dining spots around the park!

Dining reservations can be booked at 180 days in advance, and you better believe that some of the popular ones really do book up that quickly, so you need to get in there pronto! For guests staying on site like us, when you reach 180 days out from your vacation Disney will let you book advanced dining reservations (ADRs) for the first 10 days of your holiday!

This trip is one with the extended family who are going out a few days ahead of us. They were able to book some of the ADRs that we will be joining them for before we reached our 180 days. All I needed to do was book the meals we will be having ‘just the two of us’ once our 180 day mark came around!

Anyway, between us all we managed to get everything we wanted. Some of them are restaurants we have dined in before, some are completely new. We are also planning to go to a few places off-site this year, such as the cheesecake factory and crackerbarrel. However as we have a Disney dining plan included with our holiday, we’ll use this to eat most of our meals on site for free!

Ultimately this trip is to celebrate Gid and his twin brothers 30th Birthday, so some of the ressies we have made are for the whole family (7 of us) and some are for just myself and Gideon, on the days when we are all off doing different things, or on our last few days where everyone else will have already gone home:

Mama Melrose (Hollywood Studios) – We have booked Mama’s for our first night! We have been here twice before and absolutely love it. I’m sure I’ve said it before on this blog but they do the best Steak I have ever had in my life EVER. I dream about that Steak! Can’t wait to eat it again MMMMM!!

Steak of my dreams mmmm!!

Coral Reef (EPCOT) – Again, love this restaurant. It’s a massive aquarium where you can see the sea turtles and sharks and rays swim past you as you eat. We have done this twice before as well but the whole fam is joining and I don’t think they have eaten here so it will be a first for them!

Sea turtle swimming past our table at the Coral Reef. 

Be Our Guest (Magic Kingdom) – The big 30th Birthday meal!

Kona Cafe (Polynesian Resort) – Gid and I are actually eating here twice, once for Breakfast and once for Dinner. There brekkie is incredible!

Paradiso 37 (Disney Springs) – Another one we have done before but which will be new for the rest of the family. Always a great atmosphere with live music!

Awesome bar at Paradiso 37!

Sci Fi Dine in Theatre (Hollywood Studios) – This is a new one for us. I am looking forward to the awesome theming (booths shaped like cars) and trying their milkshakes!

Morimoto Asia (Disney Springs) – This was still being built last time we went!

Ohana (Polynesian Resort) – We had such a great meal at Ohana last trip we had to include it again this time!

Florida Homecoming Kitchen (Disney Springs) – Another newly built offering at Disney Springs. This is celebrity chef Art Smith’s restaurant. He is famous for his amazing fried chicken (apparently) and I LOVE fried chicken so I couldn’t pass this up!

Yak and Yeti (Animal Kingdom) – Always wanted to try this place and finally getting around to it!

T-Rex (Disney Springs) – This one is on Gid’s bucket list and as it’s his 30th Birthday trip I have decided to give it a go even though Dinosaurs freak me out!

California Grill (Contemporary Resort) – Something special for our final night! We’ll be able to watch wishes from the viewing spot!

Fireworks from the Contemporary!

So fellow Disney nerds, tell me what you think? Have we made good choices? No doubt some of them may change in the next 174 days, but I’m pretty happy with what we’ve got! What’s your favourite Disney restaurants? Let us know in the comments!





What now?

Today the inevitable September cold has taken its hold on me. As I’ve only got one week left as a part time worker and then it’s back to full time life I’ve decided to stop fighting it today and use my day off to rest up and let my body do it’s thing in the hope that it will be well and truely gone by the start of October.

Lying on the sofa with a box of tissues and a duvet does have it’s advantages. I have spent some time looking at runs I may want to attempt next year. Now that the Swansea 10k is over, there is nothing on my calendar. We have not signed up for any more races and don’t really intend to sign up for anything taking place for the rest of this year at-least. There is a reason for this:

London 2017.

Back in May, still on a post-Cardiff half marathon high Gid and I both entered the ballot for London and then promptly put it to the back of our minds. A few horrible races later and it’s started to push itself back to the front again, mostly because the ballot results will be out in just a few weeks time and I’ll suddenly know whether 2017 is going to be defined as ‘the year I try and run a marathon’ or not.

I’ve sort of gone off the idea  since I signed up to the ballot. It’s not that I don’t want to do a marathon, it’s just that I don’t know if I want to do one right now. I think maybe I’d like a few more years to mull it over, but then, a few more years might turn into several and I might never take the plunge. The plan was to do one before I was 30. I’m 27 now. So if I get that coveted spot, do I take the plunge and get it out the way at 27 or do I re-evaluate and come back to it at 28, or 29? Tough one.

Ultimately, the ballot will decide this for me. If a place comes my way, I can’t see myself giving it up unless for a very good reason, and I still believe I could do it. I’d go back to my tried and tested intervals and I think that could get me round with enough training.

So thats why nothings booked yet. That’s why we haven’t given much thought to next year. Whether either of our names are pulled out of a hat will entirely decide what next years running looks like. Right now, it’s kind of nice having nothing to work towards. We can utilise that gym membership a bit more for a while – go swimming or do a couple of classes, without feeling guilty that we should be out running instead.

The only other race that has caught our attention so far is a 10k in Winter park in Florida that is happening when we are out there on holiday in March. It would be fun to do another destination race. It starts at 7.30am so it should still be cool-ish weather and would be over by 9 in any case so the rest of the day could be spent chilling/recovering. There are no RunDisney races on when we are there this time which is sad, but this seems like it would be an awesome alternative. We’d get to explore a little bit of a very nice Florida neighbourhood and the swag looks amazing!!! A medal, a pint glass and a t-shirt! That’s a pretty nice haul!

Ultimately though, if London throws either of us a place, it will mean that an 18-20 mile long run will have to happen whilst we are in Florida, and thats a lot further than 10k. So I guess its just a waiting game now. Time to wait and see what we are dealt and then go with it!