The comeback is on!

Ok guys, so my last post was a couple of weeks ago where I told you that I’d signed up for some races because I needed to get back to being fit and healthy. We’ll it took a little longer to get back to it than anticipated, but the comeback is most definitely now on.

Soon after I wrote that post, I ended up getting some sort of viral thing, which gave me a cold for a few days and then migrated up to my ears where it has been causing me hassle ever since. I spent a couple of days feeling really dizzy and off-balance, and still haven’t quite got back to normal (although it’s a lot better than it was) so I only started my workouts again this week.

I’ve managed to get in 3 gym workouts in this week. I haven’t stated running yet because I’m still feeling a bit dizzy and off-balance. Instead, I’ve been using the bikes and the cross trainer in the gym. Heres how the weeks workouts looked:


  • 10 minute warm up on the bike (resistance level 3)
  • 20 minutes on the cross trainer (resistance level 3)
  • 10 minute cool down walk on the treadmill (speed 2.7)

Calories burnt: Don’t know – forgot to write it down!


  • 23 minutes on the cross trainer (resistance level 3)
  • 1000m on the rowing machine (resistance level 6)
  • Weight machines (3 sets of 8 reps – between 7.5kg and 15kg depending on the machine)
  • 10 minute cool down on the bike

Calories burnt: 262

Yet to perfect the art of the gym-selfie!


  • 25 minutes on the cross trainer (resistance level 3)
  • 10 minutes cool down on the bike

Calories burnt: 221

It’s been so nice to get back into working out, and I’m already feeling the beneficial effects. I feel much less lethargic, even though it’s only been a week. Exercise really is good for the mind, body and soul!

I weighed myself when I went back Tuesday and I was 70 kg (11 stone) so I’m aiming to drop a stone although I’m not putting a time scale on it. As long as things are going in the right direction then that’s fine by me.

I’ve also been tracking what I eat via myfitnesspal. Even though I often go over my daily calorie allowance, I feel like the tracking is definitely helping me to curb my snacking, e.g. instead of having 5 biscuits I’m just having one, because I’m more mindful of how many calories each of those biscuits contain. We’ve stocked the fridge and cupboard with lots of healthy and low-calorie snacks, such as feta cheese, blueberries, melon, popcorn, and my absolute favourite at the moment – Jaffa Cake flavoured alpine cereal bars!!!

These things are the best!

So things are definitely going well. I hope to start a bit of running this week. I’d like to do a couple of short runs to get back into the swing of things. Gideon is still suffering a bit with the shin problem that bothered him at the London Marathon, so we are trying to take it easy and let that heal. Hopefully with a bit of rest from running that will sort itself out, and we’ll be able to get back on it properly. For now, I’m enjoying the cross trainer at the gym!


Gideon’s London Marathon 2017 training recap: Week 15!

Hello All, I’ve actually remembered to blog this week yay! So here is my recap for the last week:

Week 15 – w/c 13th March

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Run

  • 3.01 miles which took 31 mins and 58 secs with an average pace of 10.38 per mile.

Wednesday – Rest Day

Thursday – Long Run day!

So today was my attempt of 20 miles and lets say it really really didn’t go to plan, about an hour before I was due to start running I wasn’t feeling great but I thought it would pass. The first 3-4 miles were good, my pace was on point and my legs were feeling good but disaster struck at mile 6, I took a gel like normal and then I promptly threw it back up.

I thought that it was just me and the gel not mixing, I continued to run and wasn’t feeling great, I got to mile 9 and attempted another gel and I again promptly threw this back up and was feeling really really unwell. So after walking for another mile to 10 still feeling awful, I abandoned the run.


As much as I was gutted that I didn’t get to the miles I wanted, I still managed 10 miles at a solid pace, with each mile split being within 2 seconds of each other! I’m learning that not hitting my targets isn’t failure –  it’s just life sometimes.

Friday – Went to the gym and did a recovery walk 3 miles easy pace and gradient

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Car-boot sale!!

So as you all know by now I am taking part in the marathon to help raise lots of money for the amazing charity that is Children with Cancer UK. Today as part of my fundraising the wife and I did a car boot sale!

Myself and Amy had researched car boot sales in the area to ensure that we got the best possible place to maximise our selling potential and we found a good one housed in a multi-story car park all undercover which meant sun, rain or snow we would be able to do our sale…or so we thought!!

We turned up at the car park at 6.30am only to find that there has been a serious police incident and that the multi-story and the surrounding roads has been closed. They had however managed to secure use of the small carpark next to the multi-story, which could only house about 30 cars. Thankfully we arrived just in the nick of time and were the last car into the car park!

As we had planned for a covered car-boot we hadn’t bothered looking at weather forecasts. We managed to have a dry hour or so but then heavens opened on us and it rained for about 45 mins. It then cleared for another couple of hours and then started to rain again quite heavily at around 11am so we decided to close up shop (about 1 hour before we were due to). Despite the less than ideal conditions we managed to raise £60, which will help towards our target, and we still have some stock leftover to sell online and hopefully make even more!


This week I am planning to re-attempt my long run. Originally, I was going to do a 20 mile run (that should have been this weeks) and then a final 23 mile long run after I returned from holiday, but given whats happened, I have adjusted this plan slightly and will be doing an 18 mile run this week and then a 20-21 mile run when I get back from holiday. Having spoken to lots of people and researched marathon training plans on the internet, I am confident that a 20 mile final long run should be sufficient. Hopefully, this week, I’ll manage to get those 18 miles in and feel a bit more confident about things going into my holiday weeks in Florida. And don’t worry – it might be holiday but plenty of running is planned for then too!

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Thank you.

Gideon’s London Marathon 2017 training recap: Weeks 13 and 14.

I’m getting really bad at remembering to blog every week! Call it runners brain! So here we have another 2 week recap but with some exciting developments 🙂

Week 13 – W/C 20th Feb 

You may remember from my last recap, I attempted, but failed to get to 17 miles due to a niggle with my knee (caused by an altercation with a dog and an extendable lead), so this week was centred around trying to tackle that distance again and actually get there this time!

Monday & Tuesday – Rest Days:

I decided to give my knee more time to rest and re-coup from its ordeal with the dog and the extendable lead!

Wednesday – D.Day: 17 mile attempt:

I had planned to do my run on Thursday but with the pending arrival of Storm Dorris I thought it best to get it all done before the worst of the weather (wind) hit. Despite this I was still running in torrential rain and 25-30 mph winds, but I went…I saw… and I conquered my longest run to date!!


It felt great to get the miles under the belt and my body felt ok considering the horrific weather. I think I have started to nail my nutrition regime too.

Thursday – Rest Day 

Friday – Gym:

  • Warm-Up – Walking at 3.8mph pace @ 3% gradient – 10 mins
  • Bike 5.48 miles
  • 3 x 16 Leg Press@ 30 kg
  • 3 x 10 Chest Press @ 22.5 kgs
  • Cool Down – Walking at 3.8mph pace @ 3% gradient – 10 mins

Saturday + Sunday:

We spent the weekend away at Amy’s Parents, so I wont lie, we were very lazy and maybe ate too much.

Week 14 – W/C 27th Feb 

Monday – Gym: 

  • 10 min warm up – bike
  • Cross – trainer

Unfortunately I had been on the cross trainer for no more than 3 mins when the fire alarm went off in the gym and we all had to evacuate. Workout abandoned.

Tuesday – Rest Day:

Wednesday – Gym:

  • Warm up – 10 mins on treadmill @ 3% gradient at 3.5 mph pace
  • 2.02 mile run – 21.46 with average pace of 10.46 per mile
  • Cool-Down – 10 mins on Treadmill @ 3% gradient at 3.5 mph pace


Thursday – Run:

Ran 1 mile in 10 mins 21 seconds.

Friday – Gym:

  • 4.10 miles on bike – 15 mins
  • 1.41 miles on Treadmill @ 7.5% gradient at 3.6mph pace
  • 2 mile cooldown on bike

Saturday – Rest Day 

Sunday – St David’s Day 10k: 

So today marked the first “race” of the year –  the St Davids Day 10k in Bute park in Cardiff. Both myself and Amy ran the 5k last year in prep for our half marathon, but this year I decided to run the 10k whereas Amy decided to repeat the 5k (full race recap of this from Amy to follow).

It was a very windy day, with some considerable showers around. Luckily the sun came out during the 10k and it didn’t rain at all, although the wind was still very strong in places. I really struggled going into this run as I wanted to race and get the best time possible but I needed to remember to treat this run as just another training run for London with the aim of not injuring myself by pushing to hard.

Well I completed it and it was actually very good. Time-wise it wasn’t my best 10k (1 hour 10 mins 41 seconds – so not terrible either), but at the same time I managed to keep my split and pace on point for where I wanted to be so it was encouraging for me if not fast!



This week I will be looking to push up to 20 miles for my long run and try to dedicate my other runs to improving my strength and pace. I have run’s of 20 miles and 23 miles planned before the marathon, however we are off to Florida in 2 weeks so I want to get this 20 miler in before we go and then get the 23 miler in as soon as we get back and just try to  consistently in Florida in between.

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Thank you.  


Gideon’s London Marathon 2017 training recap: Weeks 11 and 12!

Hello Everyone! I hope that you are all well and have had a lovely weekend! Here is my training recap for the last 2 weeks 🙂

Week 11 – W/C 6th Feb 

Monday: Rest Day (we watched the superbowl so were a little tired)

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Gym Session – Strength training

  •  10 min warm-up on bike
  • 3 set of 16 leg Press @ 30kgs
  • 3 set of 16 Shoulder press @ 25kgs
  • 3 set of 16 leg extensions@ 25kgs
  • 3 set of 16 Arm Curls @ 20kgs (10kg each)
  • 10 min cool down


Thursday: Run – 1 mile tempo run – 10.59 mins

Great evening for running, though utterly freezing!

Friday : Gym Session – Cross-training

  • 10 min warm-up on bike
  • 25 mins on Cross-trainer
  • 10 mins cool down on bike

Saturday:  Rest day 

Sunday:  Run – 4 miles – 46.31 mins

Week 12 : W/C 16th Feb

Monday : Gym Session

  • 10 min warm-up on Treadmill @ 3.6mph
  • 20 mins on Cross-trainer – 2.07 miles
  • 1800 meters on Rower – 9 mins 4 seconds
  • 3 set of 16 shoulder press @ 25kg
  • 3 set of 16 Leg Press @ 30kgs
  • 10 min cool down – 1.56miles on bike

Tuesday : Run 

  • 45 min run –  4.1 miles

Wednesday : Gym Sessions 

  • 10 min warm-up on Treadmill @ 3.6mph
  • 2 mile run on Treadmill – 20mins 47secs
  • 2 sets of 8 – Squats with a 20kg bar
  • 3 set of 16 shoulder press @ 25kg
  • 3 set of 16 Leg Press @ 30kgs
  • 10min cool down

Thursday: Rest Day 

Friday: Long Run! 

So today was supposed to be my longest run to date 17 miles, unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan. Body was feeling great, breathing was on point so was the pace but at 9 miles a dog on an extendable lead thought it would be fun to run in front of me. In an attempt not to go straight over the top I thought I could dodge and tweaked my knee. I stretched for a little bit and attempted to run it off but it was still hurting so I abandoned the run at 11.31 miles.


So I was a little disappointed by this but I have time to get these miles under my belt and not to risk injuring myself any further.

Saturday : Rest day

It was such a lovely day in Swansea so I decided to test my knee out and help loosen those achey muscles Amy and I had a lovely 3 mile walk.


So moving on to this week, I am planning to do my 17 mile run in at some point, fingers crossed this one goes better!!

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Just £10 helps fund tissue research to help fund treatments for childhood cancer. Thank you. 


Gideon’s London Marathon 2017 training recap: Week 10.

Hello All! I hope that you have all had a nice week, here is my re-cap of week 10 of my London Marathon training, sorry it’s a couple of days late!

Week 10 – W/C 30th January 

Monday – Gym

  • 10 min warm-up on bike
  • Treadmill – 18mins – 1.41miles
  • Fast mile on the cross trainer – 8.43mins
  • Leg press- 3 sets of 16 @ 30kgs
  • Shoulder Press – 3 sets of 16 @ 25kgs
  • 10 min cool-down on bike

Tuesday – Run 

Good run today, 2.12 miles which took 23.01 mins with an average pace of 10.50 min per mile.

Wednesday – Rest day

Thursday – Long Run!

Kit for my long run prepped and ready to go (with a cheeky chocolate milk for after).

Today I conquered my longest run to date, 14 miles and it wasn’t a pretty one! The weather here in Swansea was absolutely horrible, 30 mph winds, rain, cold but even though this wasn’t my best or fastest run it was still my longest and I am super proud!

Longest run ever!!!

Friday – Rest Day 

Saturday – Meet the Experts!

So as you all know as I don’t shut up about it, I am running the London Marathon in April for an amazing charity called Children With Cancer UK. On Saturday I was in London for the London Marathon “Meet the Experts day” where the London Marathon team put on seminars to help you prep for the big day covering multiple aspects such as fundraising, training and nutrition. I will recap the day in more detail in a separate post, but it was a great event and I also got to meet some of the charity representatives from Children with Cancer UK who gave me helpful tips and info to help with my fundraising. I have a virgin money giving page, which you can access here if you would like to sponsor me. We are also planning on doing a car boot sale to raise some extra funds, and a competition where you can guess my finish time and win a prize!


Sunday – Lazy Day

As we were in London we took the opportunity to spend some time with Amy’s Aunt and Uncle, enjoying good food and of course watching Wales in the Six Nations.

A quieter week is on the cards this week, with a very-short long run of only 4 miles to help me recover adequately for next weeks 17 miler! I’ll be supplementing my running this week with some time in the gym to build some extra strength.

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Just £10 helps fund tissue research to help fund treatments for childhood cancer. Thank you. 



Gideon’s London Marathon training recap: weeks 8 and 9.

Hello All, I hope that this finds you all well. I must say the last 2 weeks have definitely not gone to plan. My lovely wife came down with the Flu and thought it would be really nice to share it with me which knocked me for six!! So here is a brief recap of the last 2 weeks.

Week 8 – W/C 16th Jan 

Monday – Rest day (or the beginning of the end!!)

Tuesday – Gym – Not feeling great, so thought I would sweat it out to feel better (Oh how wrong I could be)

  • Warm up on bike – 10mins
  • 20mins on Crosstrainer – level 7 maintaining a 7.2MPH pace
  • 1800 meters on rower – Highest level
  • 3 sets of 10 – Leg extensions @ 20kgs
  • 3 sets of 16 – Leg Press @ 30kgs
  • 3 sets of 10 – Shoulder Press @ 20kgs
  • Cool-Down on bike 10mins

Wednesday – Sunday – Unfortunately this was the end of any movement as I came down with the Flu which had me bed bound and really not moving at all.

Week 9 – W/C 23rd Jan 

Monday – Tuesday – Still feeling under the weather so these were both rest days for me.

Wednesday – Feeling a bit better today so I went to the gym just to ease myself back in

  • 10mins warm-up on bike
  • 1.25miles on treadmill – Brisk walk 21mins 57secs @ 8.5% gradient – 3.6MPH
  • 10mins cool-down on bike

Thursday – Rest day

Friday – Back out on the road! Managed to do 5.5 mile run today, average pace of 11.51 so not too bad considering how the last 2 weeks had been.

So not really the greatest two weeks of training. I was feeling a bit deflated about it but got my mojo back after watching some videos from last years London marathon…So bring it on!!!

This week I shall be attempting 14 miles – my longest run EVER! Wish me luck!

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Just £10 helps fund tissue research to help with finding treatments for childhood cancer. Thank you. 

Gideon’s London Marathon training recap: Weeks 6 and 7!

Hello Everyone, I hope that you are all having a really good start to the new year! I missed last weeks blog so I am going to be do a quick 2 week recap.

Week 6 (W/C 2nd Jan)

Monday – 2 mile stroll down the seafront today today with Amy to bring in the new year!

Tuesday – Rest Day

Wednesday – Gym

  • 10 min warm-up on bike
  • 500 meter rowing as fast as possible – 2 mins 1 sec
  • 1 mile brisk walk – 3.8 mph @ 12% gradient
  • 3 sets of 16 – Shoulder Press at 25kgs
  • 3 sets of 16 – Leg Press at 20kgs
  • 10 mins cool-down on bike

Thursday – Run

  • 2.10 miles – 21mins

Friday – Rest Day

Saturday – Gym + New Years treat!

I went to the gym and did the following :

  • 10 min warm-up on bike
  • 1.29 mile brisk walk @ 3.8mph on 10% gradient
  • Shoulder Press – 25kgs 3 sets of 16
  • 10 min cool-down on bike

I also treated myself to some new trainers: Asics GT-3000’s – nice little upgrade on my current trainers and plenty of time to break them in before the London Marathon. Full review on this product to follow.

Sunday – Long run Sunday – 11 miles in 2hrs 19mins 28secs – Average pace – 12.41. This was a really good run for me, first time I have run 11 miles in around 9 months so I was happy with the way that I felt during and after which was very good for my moral.


Week 7  – W/C 9th Jan

Monday – Rest Day

Tuesday – Took the new trainers on a test run – 1.56 miles (17.03mins)

Wednesday – Gym – Mainly aimed to do strength training in todays session:

  • Warm-up – 15 min walk on treadmill @ 3.5mph on a 3.5% gradient
  • 3 sets of 12 – 20kg leg extensions
  • 3 sets of 10 – 20kg Shoulder Press
  • 3 sets of 10 – 30kgs Leg press
  • 3 sets of 10 – Arm Curls with 9kg dumbbells
  • Cool-down – 10 mins on bike

Thursday – Rest Day

Friday – Run – 4.05 miles at an average pace of 11.07 – Ran on Treadmill due to ice and severe snow warnings (we didn’t get any)!


Saturday – Was going to go to the gym today but I was unwell so had a rest day

Sunday – 4 mile run – 48.59mins – average pace 12.14 per mile.

Decided to run around my house today for the 4 miles which incorporated a lot of hills which I don’t tend to do on my normal routes so I found this challenging but good. It helped confirm that I really need to add more hill work into my routine.

By next Sunday I will hopefully have done a 13.1 mile long run. This is the first half marathon I’ll have done since last March. I’m both excited and scared to be getting towards the big numbers in training, but hopefully if I fuel right and pace myself then I should be able to give the 13.1 miles my best effort.

I’m running the London Marathon in April for Children with Cancer UK. If you would like to sponsor me you can visit my sponsorship page here. Just £10 helps fund tissue research to help with finding treatments for childhood cancer. Thank you.