Walt Disney World GoPro Pics!

On our most recent trip to Walt Disney World, I was fortunate enough to be lent a GoPro (Hero) to play with by family! I’ve never used a GoPro before, so it was great to test it out and see what it’s capable of (incase I decide I might want my own). I used it to record some videos, but also to take some still shots, using the single photo and burst options.

I have to say, it was very bizarre taking photos without any kind of view finder/digital screen. You were basically shooting in the dark –  just point it in the right direction and hope that it turns out ok. Most of the shots I took were utterly terrible. When I uploaded them onto my Mac when I got home it reminded me of how it used to be when you used to have to take your film to a developer, and then when you got the prints back you were rather disappointed that they weren’t better. I did get some nice ones however, and I thought I’d share the best ones with you here!