Weekly training recap: Mon 28th Dec – Sun 3rd Jan

So running this week….. um…. pretty much non-existent to be honest. I take it back, we did do a very short (like less than a mile short) run yesterday. It should have been longer admittedly, but we both have colds and we both just felt naff, so we just did a very short loop then went home.

We probably (definitely) could have done more running earlier in the week, but THE RAIN. I just cant! I don’t mind a few showers, but you are just not going to get me to purposefully go outside in torrential rain and run around for 3 miles. It just isn’t going to happen. I do not like running THAT MUCH!!!

It’s been pretty horrible here weather wise for the last week. There was a tiny bit of sunshine on Saturday morning… but instead of running in it we went to Cardiff to buy me new running shoes – oh the irony!! By the time we got home it was a) raining again, and b) the cold had kicked in – hence the tiny run (in the new shoes) rather than a normal length one.

Brooks Ravenna 6’s

The new Garmin I ordered has also arrived (thanks Daddy) so I’ve been wearing that ever since it came as well. I took it for the tiny run on Saturday, and so far so good! I found signal very quickly and it seemed accurate. I’ll write a proper review once i’ve had a proper chance to test it out.

Not doing too well on the step count today! Oh dear!!


2 mile leisurely walk in Weston-Super-Mare before heading home from the Christmas festivities and back to work! boo!


Should have ran but RAIN!!!


Rest day


I literally got soaked walking from work to my car – there were hailstones and everything! Running was not going to happen. No, just no!


Rest day


0.8 mile loop completed in 8.53 seconds which means it probably would have been a fairly fast mile had we actually RAN a mile…doh!

Still getting to grips with this Garmin connect thingy – I promise to get back to taking nice pictures soon and not just showing you stats!

We also walked up 7 flights of stairs to get to our car at the multi story car park… that totally counts as exercise right?!?! right?!?!?!


It’s raining again.

This week we need to do our 2 30 minute midweek runs and then do a 5 mile run at the weekend. I felt good after last weekends 4 miler so 5 should be more than doable! Here’s hoping for a little less rain this week!


Another cold….

I’ve been struck down with another cold for the last few days which means I haven’t been able to get my long run in yet and it’s not looking like it’s going to happen :(. I probably should have seen this coming because I always catch every cold around at this time of year! Damn you changing weather!! Finally succumbed and put the heating on yesterday… plus we have a friend staying so I could use that as a nice excuse to make the house all cosy.

Gideon got up and ran 5k this morning but I stayed in bed cause I was still feeling naff. We then went on a little road trip to Cardiff so that he could go to the running shop and get a proper gait analysis done and get some new shoes that hopefully will help ease the knee ache he’s been having.

He ended up purchasing some Brooks Vapour 2’s – when he told the saleswomen that he’d been having some aching and pain across the back of the knee’s she immediately thought she knew what was wrong and his run ‘demonstration’ confirmed it. When Gideon run’s his feet roll inwards slightly so he needs shoes which will stabilise this with lots of inner arch support. She brought out several pairs for him to try but the brooks seemed the best!

Gideon's new brooks!
Gideon’s new brooks!

Fingers crossed the Brooks will solve Gideon’s knee issues!

As for my cold… hopefully I won’t pass it on to Gideon, but I can’t promise anything! It’s not gone to my chest, it’s just stuffing up my whole head, so I may try a short run tomorrow morning if i’m feeling up to it. I know the rest is for the best because I don’t want it to still be hanging around for the half marathon but it’s so frustrating! I really really want to run! I never thought i’d say that! But I WANT to be out there running. Not training feels so unsettling this close to the race. I feel like I need to get out there and do something so fingers crossed that i’ll be able to tomorrow!

Shoe love!! My Karrimor D30 Excels!


Oh shoe of wonder!
Oh shoe of wonder!

I love most of my shoes to be honest…. but thats mainly because I think they look pretty and therefore I look pretty with them on my feet! Not my Karrimor’s… don’t get me wrong its not like they are particularly ugly running shoes… I think they are quite cool, but I love them for a different reason. I love them because they don’t hurt!

Pretty much every shoe I have ever owned has given me a blister at some point. Whether they are my high heels, my trainers, my boots, my dolly shoes or even my flip flops! They all rub! Sometimes unbearably! NOT MY WONDERFUL KARRIMORS! They have yet to give me any trace of a blister and I have been running good miles in them for a good couple of months now!

I haven’t been able to find very many Karrimor D30 Excel reviews online. Probably because they are not a particularly popular make of running shoe, but I can honestly say that for my feet, these shoes are perfect. They feel light, but they don’t slip, they have plenty of cushioning both for the soles of my feet as they hit the pavement and for the sides and top of my feet that are cooped up in the shoe. As mentioned, they have yet to rub, which is unusual for me, and I put this down to the lovely gel cushioning they have around the heel.

Karrimor’s I love you! And I shall continue to wear you happily until my feet tell me otherwise!

Shoe love! Me in my Karrimor's and Gid in his Asics!
Shoe love! Me in my Karrimor’s and Gid in his Asics!

New shoes…

This week started out quite tough, Gideon and I ran on both Monday and Wednesday after work, but both times our legs were wrecked by the time we had even made it a mile. For me, it was shin splints and then seized up calf muscles. For Gid, it was also pain in the calf muscles.

On Monday we put it down to just a bad day, we probably hadn’t eaten right, or were dehydrated, or still tired from last week, we figured a rest on Tuesday would be enough to get us back on track on Wednesday.

Wednesday came and we were ready for a run – excited even (if you can  believe that) – but straight away I knew that the rest on Tuesday hadn’t been enough. I managed a mile with the shin splints, but as soon as the cramping in my calf hit as well that was it for me. Gideon was also experiencing the same calf pain as Monday, so we called it quits again and went home wondering what – if anything – we could do. After talking, and researching, we decided to bite the bullet and buy some proper running shoes, in the hope that these would help ease the pressure we have been subjecting our poor leg muscles too lately. We both run in trainers currently, not specialised running shoes, and to begin with this was fine, but as we up the mileage and distances each week we have definitely noticed the strain on our legs.

New Asics Gel Essential neutral running shoes for Gideon!
New Asics Gel Essential neutral running shoes for Gideon!

Hopefully the new running shoes will help keep our legs happy as we put them through their paces. This evening we are planning a nice flat 5k along the bay to test out the new shoes, and i’ll report back soon with a full review and  to let you know how we got on. I really hope that the new shoes help, because we have our very first 5k race coming up one month from today, and we would really like to improve on our current time and not have any injuries in the run up to this!

Karrimor D30 women's running shoes for me!
Karrimor D30 women’s running shoes for me!