Weekly training recap: Mon 31st Oct – Sun 6th Nov

Well guys, I wrote earlier in the week that we were getting back out there now due to the fact that I’ve just signed up for my next race (a 10k in Florida in March) and because Gideon needs to start his London Marathon training. Truthfully, I’ve only managed one gym session this week before being stuck down with a typical winter lurgy since Thursday. It’s been worse since yesterday and I’ve lovingly passed it on to Gid, which is really annoying as we had plans for running and gyming this weekend, but instead all we’ve been able to do is sit under the duvet with lemsips and wait for our ears to pop.

Gideon has been off work this week so he managed to get in a couple of runs earlier before the lurgy struck so I’ll recap us both below. We have also devised a marathon training plan for Gideon. It starts officially at the start of December, so the plan until then is to get him back up to regularly running up to 5 miles, which should be fine.

For the marathon plan, we have basically adapted a Jeff Galloway RunDisney plan, as we have used his plans before and know they work well for us. Gid will be doing run/walk intervals (ratio still to be decided), and Jeff’s plans are designed for that so that’s good. Jeff’s plan does go right up to 26 miles in training, but we’ve decided Gid’s longest training run will be 23 miles so we’ll stop it a little early. Using Jeffs plan also (conveniently) means that Gid won’t actually have to run more than 8 miles at once during our holiday in March, as his long-long run’s will be just before we go and just after we get back! I’ll put the full plan up when he starts, as until Dec it’s just a case of getting him back up to covering 5 miles. Gideon will give you his own weekly update once his training plan starts, so that you can follow along with his marathon journey and he can tell you a bit more about why he’s doing it!

My plan is to go along with Gideon’s training until his long runs get above 8-10 miles, and then I’ll just join him for part of the long run’s. As I’ve got nothing more than a 10k in the works any time soon it seems silly to me to go any higher than that, but I would like to be comfortable doing slightly more than 10k, just because the last 10k I did was really tough and I don’t want this next one to feel the same. If I can comfortably cover more than that in the UK, then hopefully covering 10k in Florida should feel ok, even though it’ll be hot/humid.


Rest day


Gym session. We did 15 minutes on the bike, 15 minutes on the treadmill and then another 10 minutes on the bike.


Gideon ran 1.02 miles with an average pace of 9:41 per mile.


Rest day


Gideon ran 2.36 miles with an average pace of 12.34 per mile, using run/walk intervals of 2 minutes and 30 seconds running and 30 seconds walking.





Super lurgy

Hoping the head/sinus/ear/cold will go away by tomorrow so that we can get a good week of workouts in next week. Fingers crossed!



So October came and went without any exercise. Yeah. I know. Naughty. But then I went and did this…..

Running + Holiday = fun! 

So now I don’t have a choice again. And so November has started with a trip to the gym, straight after work, to get back into the swing of things. It was nothing too strenuous, just some biking and some treadmill, but it was hard work due to the fact that I haven’t done it in over a month. I expected it to be.

Anyway, it’s done now, I’ve jumped back onto the wagon, so lets hope I don’t fall off again!

A more structured and detailed training plan is in the works as you read. Not just for me, but for Gideon as well in his marathon training. So I hope to be able to share that with you in the next couple of days and really get back into the swing of things.

Sorry for neglecting you little blog, I’m back now I swear!

Exploring the Gym

Yesterday Gideon and I had our induction at the gym. I’ve always been a bit ‘ugh’ when it comes to gym inductions. I had one at college when I used the gym then and so I therefore feel that I know all there is to know about the gym. Obviously this is not the case! It’s been like 10 years since college, technology has moved on a little even if the basic idea is the same.

I actually found the induction session really helpful – I say session – it’s actually going to be two sessions as the instructor only showed us half the equipment and then booked us an appointment to come back on Thursday! I don’t really want to just stick to the treadmill and the other cardio machines, I want to be able to use the weights and weight machines to do strength training, but they can (and do) look very intimidating to begin with.

Having the instructor go through some of the weight machines with us was super helpful. She showed us the proper posture for each machine so as to lessen the chances of injury. She explained the weights to us. The lowest weight is 5kg. I was expecting it to then go up to 10kg, but it actually jumps straight up to 15kg! Wouldn’t have known that if it weren’t for the induction and probably would have been sufficiently shocked when it was more than twice as heavy, which might have put me off wanting to keep doing it!

As it happens, I did some reps on each machine and was sufficiently surprised by the amount I could already lift. 25kg on some of the machines was manageable. I know that’s not a lot to most, but I have serious chicken arms! There is like no muscle to them whatsoever! So I was pleasantly surprised at myself!

We also did a bit on the exercise bikes (I only biked 3 miles in total across two different bikes but it was still fun) and spent some time on the cross trainer. I really enjoyed the session and it’s got me excited to go back Thursday and test out the rest of the kit.

The only problem is that I seem to have woken up this morning with a rather weird feeling in my right knee. I’m hoping it’s just ache from using it in a different way (from the cycling and lifting etc, as opposed to the running its used to), but it feels a little agitated, almost like it needs to click. Hmmmm. I’ve taken today off running and will run tomorrow instead, so I’m hoping that the extra days rest will fix it and it will just be general post workout aches and pains rather than anything more sinister.

Cross Training!

Earlier in the week I (Amy) did some cross training! I know a lot of you are thinking the sensible ‘thats great… thats really useful well done’ answer, and the other half who know me more are thinking ‘whaaaaaattt you did MORE exercise besides running…. how did that happen?!?!)

Well first off it was free… I didn’t go to the gym or pay money for a class. One of the girls I know from church decided to start a work out group for ladies in the church hall each week where we project a workout DVD onto the big screen and follow it. And secondly…. all those sensible people out there keep mentioning that cross training in some form will benefit your running and overall fitness so when the opportunity arose I figured why not!

Well this week was the first week, and let me tell you, it was hard! There was punching and squatting and lunging and press ups and sit ups and stretching and i’d forgotten how many muscles I don’t exercise when running! My body ached in very strange ways the next day. My stomach muscles felt tight…. I’d forgotten I even had stomach muscles!

But it was really fun, and i’ll definitely do it again, and hopefully the shock of some ‘new’ type of exercise to my system might help it shed a couple more pounds, whilst also improving my overall fitness and helping strengthen my muscles as I attempt to go even further distances when running!